Aqualux Spares Fittings Pack, Covers & Fittings - SFP059

Code: SFP059

This spare parts pack contains 24 unique item(s). Hover over the image for a zoomed version.

*Spares can ONLY be sold in a pack and NOT individually
Quantity Code Description  
4 CP01691/WTE 4mm Glass Clip CP01691/WTE
8 CP01730/WTE Bearing Stop CP01730/WTE
8 CP01731/WTE Bearing Stop Cover CP01731/WTE
1 CP01726/WTE Corner Post Trim Cap-LH CP01726/WTE
1 CP01725/WTE Corner Post Trim Cap-RH CP01725/WTE
1 CP01727/WTE Corner Stile Trim Cap CP01727/WTE
1 CP01746/WTE Door Stile Trim - LH CP01746/WTE
1 CP01745/WTE Door Stile Trim - RH CP01745/WTE
4 CP01714/WTE Hinge Cover CP01714/WTE
4 CP01722/WTE Hinge Cover Insert CP01722/WTE
4 CP01724/WTE Hinge Detent Cover CP01724/WTE
4 SC20043 No.6 x 1/2" Pozi CSK Self Tap Screw SC20043
8 SC20042 No.6 x 3/8" Pan Pozi Screw SC20042
14 SC2005 No.8 x 1 1/4" Pozi Pan Hd Self Tap Screw SC2005
6 SC2405 No.8 x 1" Pan Pozi Screw SC2405
9 SC2060 No.8 x 3/8" Pan Pozi Screw SC2060
2 CP01718/WTE Vertical Stile Trim Cap CP01718/WTE
1 CP01744/WTE Vertical Stile Trim Cap - LH CP01744/WTE
1 CP01743/WTE Vertical Stile Trim Cap - RH CP01743/WTE
1 CP01742/WTE Wall Channel Trim Cap - LH CP01742/WTE
1 CP01717/WTE Wall Channel Trim Cap - LH CP01717/WTE
1 CP01741/WTE Wall Channel Trim Cap - RH CP01741/WTE
1 CP01716/WTE Wall Channel Trim Cap - RH CP01716/WTE
6 Wallplug

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