Aqualux Spares Fittings Pack, Covers & Fittings - SFP100

Code: SFP100

This spare parts pack contains 14 unique item(s). Hover over the image for a zoomed version.

*Spares can ONLY be sold in a pack and NOT individually
Quantity Code Description  
2 MC1062 (BHD0496) CE Block MC1062 (BHD0496)
4 BHD2587 Door Stops BHD2587
4 MC2892 Grey 6.8mm Hole Plug MC2892
8 MC2091 Grey Snap Cap MC2091
4 MC7091 Grey Tel CE Guide MC7091
4 MC2750 M4 External Toothed Locking Washer MC2750
4 MC2751 M4 Flat Washer MC2751
4 SC2355 M5 x 12mm Pastite Thread Forming Screw SC2355
4 SC20064 No.4 x 1/4" Pan Head Pozi Screw SC20064
4 SC2465 No.8 x 1/2" Csk Head Pozi Screw SC2465
4 SC20069 No.8 x 1/4" Pan Head Pozi Screw SC20069
6 SC2005 No.8 x 1" Pan Head Pozi Screw SC2005
4 SC2060 No.8 x 3/8" Pan Head Pozi Screw SC2060
6 SC20071 Wall Plug SC20071

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